The Coverage We Deserve

The Coverage We Deserve

We are more than the mugshots and crime stories that too often represent us in the media. Our lives have just as much triumphs as they do tragedy.

We need a news organization that understands that even in this day and age we can go to a restaurant and still be told to go back where we belong. One that gets that our skin color can determine the level of service we get from the public and private sector, and how that can have long lasting impacts.

A newsroom that can tell these stories through our collective experience, and feature a wide range of voices.  

We believe Rhode Island In Color can be that newsroom. Our aim is to serve a third of the state’s population which is too often ignored or covered without nuance.

Our diverse newsroom is dedicated to honestly reporting the realities and challenges facing the communities of color in the Ocean State.

We are committed to calling out racial inequalities, be they in education, the economy, or the justice system.

We also report the good in our communities. Rhode Island In Color strives to be a trusted source of community-specific information to help individuals of color and POC-owned businesses succeed and be more civically engaged in order to affect change.

We also seek to foster a sense of connection. A place where we can come together and not feel like the only person of color in the room.