Welcome to Rhode Island In Color

Welcome to Rhode Island In Color

We are Rhode Island In Color, a journalistic publication that aims to give the people of color in the Ocean State the coverage we deserve.

Many of our stories and struggles simply aren’t being told in the current news ecosystem.

While we admire many who currently work in the Rhode Island media market, there is a coverage gap.

It was painfully obvious during the height of the pandemic when people of color were disproportionately affected by the coronavirus.

There is need for a newsroom that is dedicated to highlighting the communities that don’t always get the spotlight.

One that intimately understands the challenges faced.

Storytelling through the lens and realities of the communities of color.

Rhode Island In Color strives to be a source of community-specific information that helps individuals of color and POC-owned businesses succeed and be more civically engaged to affect change.

We are a newsroom that aims to serve a third of the state’s population which is too often ignored or covered without nuance.